Classic Physique

  1. Classic Physique

    I'm so glad that classic physique is coming back finally. Growing up, seeing the pioneers and what their bodies looked like was such an inspiration to me. I'm going to compete here in the PRC and hopefully in the states soon after in the classic physique class. 6'5, 220lbs, after a bulk and a really intense cut cycle I'll be ready. I'll post progress pics and my journey in general.

  2. Update: dbol 50mg ED, test e 500mg weekly for 10 weeks

  3. 6'5 😨😨😨 Monster!

  4. The worst part is the amount of eating lol. I have no problem eating clean....but try eating 5-6k clean calories, you're eventually like..."hey man, you gonna eat that chair?"

  5. I have a friend who is 6'3 and it was so hard for him to pack on mass compare to us like 5'9.

  6. all the best big man ! 😀

  7. I've had success by properly carb cycling and stressing a spike in glucose IMMEDIATELY after working out.....gear helps considerably too lol

  8. I'm 6'4 and packing on legit size and weight is very tough. Also I only have a couple more pounds until I top out the weight class. I feel they should add a couple more pounds to the taller class

  9. Technically 6'3.5 so I can top my weight out at 240. Even at 240 I'm not filled out enough to compete with shorter thicker guys. Even just a couple inches makes a huge difference

  10. Hell yes it does. But I think our larger frame actually helps us with classic physique

  11. 6ft2 , right on the line. last year a guy in my class was a tad shorter than me, and they made an exception at 6ft3 because he was 232 lbs and wouldn't have made weight.

    They asked me if 6ft2 was okay to mark own and I shrugged because I made weight at 220. It s funny because all us compared height backstage right before the finals and I was a tad taller than him and I said something about it

  12. Wtf.... yea, I'd be pissed. Bc I'm 198.7 cm. Not quite 6'6. I hope that **** doesn't happen to me.

  13. Decided to throw a tiny bit of oxandrolone into the mix.....30mg and the pumps are ****ing absurd. Walking to the gym I got a righteous leg/calf pump lol

  14. Hats off for a bigger guy adding some mass. I had a 6'7'' ex bball player I got ready for MP. He was natty and naturally stringy guy but was able to add some decent thickness to shoulders, back, chest. Arms and legs always tough being that long.

    Just be careful on orals for that long. I would consider dbol for 4-6wks then off for 4wks then add var for 4-6wks. Be sure to check lipids and liver as they both have an effect on them.
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  15. Always appreciate any advice or input. I've been keeping my liver support going strong. No sluggishness or elevated values as of yet.


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