Test e + tren OR deca

  1. Test e + tren OR deca

    Hello guys, first proper post on here so cut me some slack haha!

    Done a few cycles over the past few years, SARMS, PH, test + var, test + dbol etc

    Been training for 5 years now, weighing about 106kg roughly

    My next step I'm considering is obviously a test E base, but with deca or tren to accompany it

    My only problem is I don't have access to dostinex (cabergoline) as my source is no longer able to source this himself

    Any other things I could use to help/assist with any potential prolactin issues? - any thoughts will be appreciated highly!

    Cycle is looking like so
    Weeks 1 - test e 750mg
    Weeks 2-9 - test e 500mg
    Weeks 10-14 test e 600-750mg?

    Weeks 1-14 0.5 adex every 2 or 3 days

    Weeks 1-5 MSTEN @ 20mg and potentially bump up to 30mg

    Want to add in tren or deca but unsure of how to combat sides without caber

  2. Pct will be HCG starting at week 12 with a front load, continuing through to week 17
    With clomid and nolva every day weeks 15-17

  3. Tren my friend. Be prepared to hop on the gain train. One caveat though in tren. If you are prone to aggression, tren will make your fuse shorter

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