Test cycle

  1. Test cycle

    My goal is to gain lean mass.

  2. Lots of info on-line. You haven't really given us anything to go on here, to help you.

  3. Test will help you gain lean mass.

    Though you should be aware of the risks including lasting hypogonadism (low natural test after cessation).

  4. Quote Originally Posted by MSantillan View Post
    My goal is to gain lean mass.
    Test E + anavar. 500mg test E per week and 50-60 mg var every day for 10 weeks

    Clomid + nolvadex for PCT

    Day 1) 150mg clomid, 60mg nolvadex
    Days 2-10) 100mg clomid, 40mg nolvadex
    Days 11-21) 50mg clomid, 20 mg nolvadex
    Days 22-28) 20 mg nolvadex

  5. I thought nova was 40,40,20,20? Is it better to go 60,40,20,20

  6. Quote Originally Posted by Dds852000 View Post
    I thought nova was 40,40,20,20? Is it better to go 60,40,20,20
    Just to be absolutely sure I dose it that way. If you find a different dose that works, great. I am 2 meters tall and weigh 99.7 Kg.......that's mainly why. But you couldn't go wrong with the clomid/nolvadex dose you mentioned

  7. In on my first cycle is why I'm asking. I haven't even bought my nolvadex yet. So many sites and not sure which are gonna be legit or not. I have "erosion" already but not sure if it would be good enough

  8. In my experience and in my opinion follow what I posted. It has always been perfect for me. But I use pharma nolvadex and pharma clomid and pharma gear. I'm way too paranoid to do anything else

  9. I'll try it out and see how it works for me. I appreciate the advice for sure. Sorry to hijack the post though.

  10. Cheers

  11. throw some exemestane

  12. I would use dbol weeks 1-6 50mg ed then double var to 100mg ed weeks 7-12

  13. Up calories also weeks 1-6...decrease them 7-12 and add cardio.

  14. Nolva should be dosed 40/40/20/20 , you can stack with Clomid too


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