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    What is a prohormone

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    What is a prohormone
    Well if you are asking then you shouldn't be using!!! But a prohoromone is a very vague​/crude/false term Imo.

    As a prohoromone is something that turns into a active hormone/steriod. But those something is an already a hormone, as it has to be. And well ever single one of those hormone is ready active it self and exibits and effect before conversion. This is excluding these dhea prohoromones, kinda, as we don't know how active the modified version are. As well regular dhea is active it self but is so weak that it is almost an anti-androgen

  3. I am not using a prohormone I just heard someone talking about them and did not no what they were

  4. Thanks for your answer

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    What is a prohormone
    The retarded cousin of AAS



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