Anavar cutting cycle

  1. Anavar cutting cycle

    Hi guys I wanna start a cut with ldg/s4 and anavar. I know a lot of people have been saying that you need a test base for anavar. I dont wanna inject. Can I use dermacrine as a test base or any other transdermal ? Or should I drop the ldg and just run s4/anavar. I don't have much fat to cut. Will be around a 6-8 week cycle. Any advise ?

  2. I would run RAD140 with it for the help with the test aspect. I'm using sr4 right now with cardarine as I'm prepping and love it.

  3. Getting me leaner but has really helped with cardio endurance and recovery time between sets

  4. Sublingual or transdermal test. IF you can find it. If you really don't want to pin, just do Tbol with var. before everyone starts flaming me for advising two orals, just cut the tbol dose in half and the var dose in half. Of course run liver support while cycling

  5. Var is not hard on the liver even though it's methylated.
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  6. I would use the anavar low at 40mg a day to start splitting it up morning and late afternoon as the half life is only 8/9 hours.

  7. I also would keep cardarine and sr90009 in for cardiovascular endurance and they will mildly help out with leaning you out as well. I would increase var slightly over time and add tudca, NAC, and milk thistle just to keep liver cleansed.


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