Ph help

  1. Ph help

    What do u guys think about this stack

  2. That you should pry have gotten real **** for half the price

  3. Ph help

    Should go in anabolics. What's your cycle history? Dmz and msten will pack on the pounds. Just not a beginner stack so just know what you're doing. Do you have a serm?
    Definitely add tudca with two methyls as well.
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  4. Never heard of Hardcore before, these products legit?

    What other cycles have you ran OP?

  5. I have nova on the side

  6. Ph help

    The hardcore is Legit I'm runnin there Msten,

    Original poster u need a serm for pct ,
    That stack is gonna add some weight on ya

  7. SERM is needed for that. You could use the Blackstone Labs PCT product with the SERM, but not as a substitution.
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  8. OP, you going to log this after getting a SERM?

    I'd be real interested to see how this treats you!

  9. Yea man for all that money you spent you could get anabolic that would also last longer, give less side effect (possibly) and definitely better results. ALSO BLACKSTONE IS GOING DOWN THE S****er IT SEEMS!!!!

  10. I think you should flush it down the toilet and go get some real gear

  11. Hahaha what type of candy is this ?!

  12. I heard good things about d zine man

  13. Quote Originally Posted by emunoz5263 View Post

    What do u guys think about this stack
    Burn it, don't take it, don't even give it away. Get real gear, less harmful for your body and actual results


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