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    What's a good test booster

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    What's a good test booster
    Just an overall test booster?

    Single ingredient I would go with any high grade tongkat product. OL lj100 of viron from black lion are both good options.

    For comprehensive formulas OL Test1fy or alpha max xt are both solid formulas. Haven't used testify yet but it's on my list and feedback has been great. Alphamax xt was very impressive when I used it a while back.

    Transdermal option that doesn't get enough credit is sustain alpha. Use it in most of my pcts.

    Can't go wrong with any of the above OP. Links below with ingredient profiles and some reviews.



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  3. I was told test boosters don't work, so I don't no what to believe.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by guss View Post
    I was told test boosters don't work, so I don't no what to believe.
    Natural test boosters aren't going to increase your testosterone to supraphysiological levels, but a properly formulated test booster can still provide some nice benefits, including increased body composition, strength, endurance, mood, and libido (things that are associated with increased testosterone levels, but are often achieved via other MoAs than increasing testosterone). Many ingredients have been shown to slightly increase testosterone levels, but the real benefits of many ingredients in testosterone boosters are achieved by different methods than just increasing testosterone. For example, ashwagandha is an adaptogen that has research showing it can reduce stress and anxiety, as well as improve endurance and strength, tongkat ali can improve libido and mood, and forskolin can improve body composition. These ingredients just aren't really "working their magic" purely, or perhaps even primarily, by increasing testosterone levels, even though they are providing benefits commonly associated with increased testosterone levels.

    As it's already been mentioned, AlphaMax XT and Testify are two great options that both have ashwagandha and tongkat ali. AlphaMax XT also contains forskolin, which some people like.
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  5. Thanks

  6. Quote Originally Posted by guss View Post
    I was told test boosters don't work, so I don't no what to believe.
    Boron, d-aspartic acid, zinc, vitamin d definitely increase your endogenous test levels. You can do this by supplementing or just by eating the right foods. Eat lots of cruciferous vegetables on top of the aforementioned things. Cruciferous vegetables act as a natural anti-aromatase.

  7. Sustanon @ 750 mgs per week


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