Advice for cut

  1. Advice for cut

    Hey guys,

    Currently on day 2 of my PCT off a 1/4andro cycle that yielded strength gains but also some fat. Sitting at about 225 started at around 210. With the fat gain and holidays I put on more fat than I would've liked and would ideally like to lose 10ish by March.

    I also know it was the wrong stack to run, but it was my first stack and I was nervous of using epi incase of shedding.

    My question is when can I drop the calories down/add in moderate-heavy cardio and not lose too much muscle?

    I'd be willing to sacrifice some muscle to lose that 10-15 by March, but I would ideally like to keep most of it.

    Any advice would be appreciated

  2. If you go slow and be patient, you won't sacrifice muscle. If you freak out and want it all gone absolutely by an absolute date then youve waisted your time.

  3. As soon as you properly recover, run an Anavar cycle. End or bridge your cycles with var and it will clean up your gains, of course you have to be strict with your diet and dedicated to a high volume regiment

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