Need an advice cut or bulk?

  1. Need an advice cut or bulk?

    I'm 6"0 weight 170 pounds, I'm vascular pretty
    Much but Im still fat around the stomach, I would like to start very soon with test, I don't know if I should start with cutting or bulking, I know this questions is for amateurs and noobs but what would you suggest? Keep cutting until I get those abs or start a bulk now?

  2. 6' 170 is tiny, I would bulk up man. You should be able to gain enough muscle mass that it will drop your BF% overall.
    "Lifting and Game of Thrones share the same calendar, there's only two seasons: cutting and bulking. And guess what? Winter's comin' so it's time to bulk up!"
    -Dom Mazzetti

  3. BULK!!

  4. I would cut and start with a clean slate get rid of the belly first
    Serious Nutrition Solutions

  5. I agree with SuperPro, you gotta bulk man.. I'm also 6'0" and currently hovering between 190-195 lbs and I still feel as though I need to bulk. Look at it this way, if you increase your muscle mass while keeping your fat level where it is, your body fat % will actually go down.

    Also, I GUARANTEE you will will be much happier with the appearance of your body if you slap on some more muscle and ignore the abs for now. In my experience, women prefer a man who is big/strong than one who is smaller but has abs
    "You're only as good as your last rep" - Steve Cook

  6. I think u need to ask the questions that are not so obvious.

    1) what is ur diet like? Is it a carb-heavy one? Fat heavy?

    2) what is ur insulin resistance like? Check ur blood sugar to know this. U should be at a healthy range when fasted and when u eat it shouldnt be out of normal blood sugar levels. If ur at 90+ fasted, I'd work on the cut because ur body wont respond right to insulin to even gain muscle mass to begin with. Toggling back and forth from cutting to bulking on a frequent 4-8w week basis is effective at keeping growth spurts steady while also keeping u lean.

    Ur insulin is key to muscle growth but also key to gettin fat quick ifbur body isnt utilizing it correctly. It could also explain ur lack of muscle mass while also carrying a pudge on the waist. I'm not speaking in certainty just making statements and observations.

    Look beyond the obvious. Bulking is fun and is a
    necessary eventually but ur body needs to be primed in two ways to be truly effective at it.

    1) in a lean state to begin with. A fat person isnt ideal for a bulking strategy. They have no flexibility and room for more fat gain which inevitably limits their success in building muscle mass. More fat gain is unacceptable to an already fat person.

    2) ur insulin sensitivity needs to be high. A low insulin sensitivity or high insulin resistance means a crappy response to carbs, amino acid shuttling and glucose utilization. It also means being tired often and having swings in blood sugar frequently.

  7. Bulk, im 5"7" 206 with abs... Never used insulin or gh... You need to eat bro, eat until you are sick, and not protein shakes, you need to eat... post your diet, and your real diet, not the diet you try to stick with, you'll be surprised is you break down your macros and see what you ate actually consuming

  8. I am 6" tall and I'm around 214lbs I'm pretty muscular and my top Abbs are almost showing but I can't get rid of my lower belly and sides. I haven't lost strength or muscle durning my cutting cycle. But should I bulk or keep cutting??? My goal is to be aesthetic, big everything and small waist.

  9. You need to grow more... I would bulk, but eat clean food... bulk doesn't mean eat terrible... it means eat more of the clean macros... Your menu should be the similar regardless of bulk or cutting phase. It's portion size that matters bro...

  10. Nice thanks bro I was hoping to see abbs this summer but guess I'll wait till next and do some bulking.

  11. Eat clean calories, don't eat dirty, and limit your fats as they will kill appetite early in the day...

  12. No reason to "limit your fats early in the day" in my opinion. TActually, there is a lot of evidence to eat fats early in the day. (Google "biorhythm diet"). Not saying the above poster is wrong, just providing another viewpoint.
    Training log:

  13. Slow lean bulk would be my choice, span it over maybe 6-8 months? Only 200cal over maintenance. Heck maybe throw in some 15min LISS cardio to help, I always do a little cardio when bulking only like 2-3x a week and only maybe 100-150cal worth of burning.

  14. What exactly should I eat to do a clean bulk? The last year I bulked without knowing anything, I used to lift heavy and eat whatever I wanted like burgers and all that bad stuff.

  15. Quote Originally Posted by hernandez910 View Post
    What exactly should I eat to do a clean bulk? The last year I bulked without knowing anything, I used to lift heavy and eat whatever I wanted like burgers and all that bad stuff.
    No refined foods
    Avoid fast foods

    Eat thus at each meal, at least 4 times per day:

    1-2 servings of protein
    1-2 serving of starchy carbs
    1-2 servings of fibrous veggies

    Start with 2 servings of protein and 1 serving of starchy carbs with 1 serving of veggies. Start adding starches if u don't notice any weight gain.
    Adjust from there.

    Protein sources: chicken breast, sirloin steak, bison, elk, lean pork chops, deer, any white fish and salmon. Limit urself to no.more than 2 egg yolks per day and use egg whites liberally with breakfast and protein shakes. Remember to get a good whey protein for peri-workout nutrition. I like to add maltodextrin to my shakes during a bulk.

    Starchy carbs: yams, sweet potatoes, russet potatoes, whole grain bread (limit to 1 or 2 per day), brown, jasmine and basmati rice, corn and beans.

    Veggies - Anything green ought to do.

    A serving measures the size of ur palm. In terms of ounces, typically a palm-sized chicken breast is between 4-6oz.

    A palm-sized sweet potato is probably 250g.

    Eat up.

  16. Depends on bf% the lower the bf% the more mass will be added to muscle when bulking

  17. Agree, bulk first. Its hard to put on that mass compared to cutting down and getting lean. Bulk!!!!

  18. If your only 170 at 6', you should easily be able to add a good amount of lean mass without much fat gain if your diet is in check, so I would say bulk.

  19. @bhawks23 @Aesthetic2.0 he was asking more than a year ago for advice... just saying read some dates...

  20. Quote Originally Posted by IronAddiction View Post
    @bhawks23 @Aesthetic2.0 he was asking more than a year ago for advice... just saying read some dates...
    If I want to post a reply I'll post it. Doesnt really matter when it was posted

  21. @bhawks23 whatever you want sweet cheeks. Just saying he is probably in a way different situation due to time. No need to get your panties in a bunch


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