Sleeping problems

  1. Sleeping problems

    In my mission of mass I've developed sleep athmeia. My snoring is so bad I shake the bed and the family tells me there's no where in the house to escape it..

    My wife told me I also stop breathing quite often.. So I now have to have a sleep study done and go on a machine at night.

    Anyone else go through this?

  2. The snoring part I did.Didnt wait to go to a sleep center I know what caused it. I was 275lbs at 6ft. It's all cool being big but not fun otherwise.
    Once I lost weight I was back to normal. I still snore a bit but nothing like I did. I sleep the best when Im around 230-240lbs as Im now with low body fat.

    Trim up a little especially body fat and you will see a difference.

  3. I'm at 8% ..

  4. Then you may need to come off the juice for a while then.
    The other thing that worked for me is to have a fan in my face blowing cool air unless you want to sleep with a face mask and stuff.
    I also think there is a type of surgery to tighten up the back of the throat. Im not much fan of that

  5. How dare you make such a statement.

    I'm at the end of a heavy cycle. So we'll see if it changes. I'm guessing no as this seems to be a mass related problem..

  6. lol yea been there done that brotha. Usually it gets better once you lower anabolics and lose a few lbs.

  7. Sleep apnea is a bigger concern than most think it is. For the time being try sleeping on your side or stomach.

  8. If you sleep with your head and upper body elevated to about 15* using a wedge or active base under your bed it can take a lot of pressure off your chest cavity and help open your airways. This can lead to an elimination of snoring and possibly fixing your sleep ap. problem.
    Hit me up with any questions any time.


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