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    OMG so i was looking at the 2009 Arnold classic and KAI GREENE is an animal. . . great flexibilty. . .beautiful deffinition and great symmetry. . . not a mass monster like most of these animals. . .YES hes big big it looks okaY! Any one else agree disagree. . . let me know what you think all!
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  2. and at the 0 he placed like top 6 somewhere
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  3. Quote Originally Posted by Jasen View Post
    and at the 0 he placed like top 6 somewhere
    That is correct. . .he got 4th place and Looking at him it was a close race for the top 4. . . but Cutler came out like a monster. . . but I don't agree with the symmetry that the judges are looking at these days!!! Dexter. . .Kai. . .all great symmetry. . .They need to bring it back to the days of Ferrigno, ARNOLD, Colombu. . .etc. . .
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  4. Anyone else?? hahah just wanted to BS with ya'll hahah guess not!
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  5. I attended the 2009 arnold classic as it is the show of shows to me. Also victor martinez is my idol in this sport & his comeback was great. I was upset wth his placing cause he looked great & taking 2nd from coming back from an injury like his was amazing. If there was such a thing as a tie there wld of been one for kai & vic! The rest of the placings were fair but I seen them just alittle different. Victor martinez went threw hell after the arnold wth the death of his sister,father,opening up tht reasturant & stll made it to the olympia to compete lookin decent but not even 70%. I didn't like his decision to not attend the 2010 arnold classic cause if he did kai wuldnt have a back to back win cause as far as I'm concerned the arnold classic is victors show & in 2007 he sure beat cutler & was the uncrowned champ. If he didn't get injured he sure wuld of walked away wth it instead of dexter cause tht was a wow factor but he stll deserved it since vic wasn't there. All I can say is watch out 2010 olympia cause vic is goin 100% into the olympia & I dnt thnk we ever seen him wth a whole year off to bring it. I do see him also continueing the arnold classic aftr he gets his next acheivment. He might jst do the olympia if & he wll take first but he is the chosen one to dominate both shows so there is no confusion lol. I wuld like to see a olympia win wich he shuld of already had & a following arnold classic win & tht wll shw the kind of guy he really is. Go big vic


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