Nobody recommending/running AndroMass & AndroLean stack? Why?

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    Nobody recommending/running AndroMass & AndroLean stack? Why?

    I see plenty of people running and recommending AM and AH. I see people recommending and running AL, AD, AH. I see people running and recommending AB, AM, (and maybe substituting AH for AM).

    You'd think with the topical version basically out already (albeit w/ a much lower dose of 4-DHEA), why is no one running the AM/AL stack? Even more, why is no one RECOMMENDING this stack? You'd think w/ the muscle building/fat burning abilities of 11-KETO, along with the Strength/MAss building effects of AndroMass....that if diet is absolutely dialed in, this stack could in fact be EPIC for 8 weeks. Would gaining 8lbs of LEAN mass while dropping about 8-10lbs of BODY FAT be out of the ordinary for this?

    I'm just really confused as to why this isn't brought up or talked about basically AT ALL. Am I missing something here? What's the deal guys? I'm racking my brain looking for something fun/safe/not very suppressive to run at the beginning of the new year (Jan. 1, 2013 start date). I already have two bottles of AL, and would be picking up two bottles of AM after a friend said he really likes it and feels great on it (though he's coming off a potent cycle of a few "real deal" compounds, and said (obviously) the two don't compre muscle wise but that he feels GREAT on it). Why is nobody running this?

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    I think it would be an effective stack, and we do have customers that purchase the two to run together, they are just not posting on boards. 8lbs LBM gained with 8 lbs fat lost is a pretty heavy goal, but you should see a fairly good recomp.
    Just inject.

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