Will Toco-8 be discontinued?

  1. Will Toco-8 be discontinued?

    This supp is a staple for me and I'd hate to see it go! You guys used to be the only place I ordered supps from but since you've been cutting your portfolio the only other product I buy now is TCF-1. Hope you at least keep Toco-8!

  2. Seems like this question get's asked at least once a week
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  3. yes......the answer is YES.....they are getting rid of it, by popular demand.....tell all your friends, alert the town crier.....put it in your sigs.....taco-8 is dead....D.....E.....D.....DEAD !!! It is no more. stock up!!! put them in your fridge, your freezer....in your parents fridge and freezer (just sneak in when they are not home).....now that its gone, can we stop making threads about it being gone? Or will its demise only serve as a martyrdom for the product? and then there will be thousands of threads about "when is taco-8 coming back????"....."we miss taco-8".....and the vicious cycle will continue!!!!.......

  4. it says its in stock at PP.com
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  5. Quote Originally Posted by R1balla View Post
    it says its in stock at PP.com
    we're telling people who ask about it that its no longer available. that is the response. They want it gone? its gone. period.

  6. Over my dead body.
    Just inject.

  7. Quote Originally Posted by HereToStudy View Post
    Over my dead body.
    LMFAO..........they got to me man......they caused me to have a mental breakdown...........

  8. Quote Originally Posted by HereToStudy View Post
    Over my dead body.
    Soooo... Does that mean its staying?

  9. Quote Originally Posted by RawStrength View Post
    Soooo... Does that mean its staying?
    Yes, since I am still breathing. But if I die, they might have called my bluff.
    Just inject.


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