4wk Androhard/Androlean 4wkPCT log

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  1. Exclamation 4wk Androhard/Androlean 4wkPCT log

    Starting Androhard/Androlean log 6/13/2011

    -Androhard 3x2 day
    -Androlean 3x2 day
    -Tocopherols (support) 1x2 day
    -SportPharma Multi-V 1x2 day
    -Redefine Nutrition Revolution Black (PCT 2nd 4wks 2x2 day)

    Height -5'11"
    Weight -212.4 lbs
    Body Fat -12.7% (Accu-Measure)

    Before Pictures To Come

    I will be starting this cycle on Monday 6/13/2011 I will be as detailed as possible with pictures, workouts, and nutrition. Any feedback or constructive criticism will be greatly appreciated.

    Started Paleo about a week ago to prep for the stack. Current Avg. MacroNutrients for this week are as follows

    Protein -240g (44%)
    Carbohydrates -95g (18%)
    Fats -97g (38%)
    Total Calories -2,382 (30% calorie deficit)

    My goal is to Carb Load every fifth day to 3,402 (TDEE) I would like see a drop in BF% more defined muscularity and vascularity.

    Current supplements:
    -Whey Protein
    -Creatine HCL

    Any knowledge on how these supplements will effect this stack? Should I stop any of these during the cycle?

    -2 day on 1 day off splits (Day 1 upper body, Day 2 lower body)
    -2 weeks of heavy lifting with low reps (Short Cardio Mon-Sun) followed by
    -2 weeks of lighter weights with higher reps with Active Rest between sets

    Each workout consists of Explosive Lifts, Core Lifts, and Isolation Lifts with a focus on Push/Pull movements and Opposing Muscle Groups for Active Rest

    My motivation is through the damn roof, cant wait to start.

    Thanks for checking out my thread

  2. Is there no interest in a log like this on AnabolicMinds?

  3. its only been a day, you didnt start yet... maybe before pix?? I dunno. I just started AHAL a few days ago. Gonna do this, pct, then AM AH in the fall

  4. I want to run this stack too. Looking forward to your progress!

    A lot of logs have also popped up over the internet because PP just recently shipped out the orders.

  5. Started cycle today. Took 3 Ah/Al at 0730 not too soon after began feeling light headed and nauseated. Took second dose at 1430 and had a continuing feeling of being light
    headed with out the nausea. Of course its the first day so I haven't noticed any kind of significant changes in mood, physique, vascularity, etc.

    Macro-Nutrients for today

    Protein -281.5g (45%)
    Carbohydrates -127.7g (21%)
    Fats -94.5g (34%)
    Total Calories -2,379

    I cut the Beta-Alanine out of my pre-workout supplements but did use Creatine HCL as well as Glutamine, Multi-V, and Whey Protein.

    Before pics to come

  6. looking forward to your progress and review.

  7. nice ink man!!! I will check this log

  8. Sounds pretty solid man. I'll be checking back for sure!

  9. Day two complete. I did not experience any side effects today, took dose one at 0730 and dose two at 1430. Lifted legs today, but I was very unmotivated. I did however complete all of my lifts with increased weight (I will start logging workouts in detail). I did not mention above that I am consuming at least a 1.5 gallons of H20 daily. I can say today that my appetite has increased, I feel like I could eat continuously (feed the beast) as I like to call it. I also am feeling "light" stress free or on top of my game...dont know if its from the cycle or from being done with another school year.

    Macro-Nutrients for today

    Protein -308.6g (48%)
    Carbohydrates -101g (16%)
    Fats -103.1g (36%)
    Total Calories -2,450

  10. Nice hat In to follow bud!

  11. Looking good. One of my client's is now on this stack so I'll be watching closely.
    Good luck!

  12. sub'd

  13. Definitely of interest, we just didn't see it in the PP subforum
    Sustain Alpha is back!

  14. Day Three, took dose one at 0800 hit the gym for some cardio. Felt a little nauseated this am after dosing, but subsided rather fast (about 45 min or so). felt pretty good in the gym today, Im definitely noticing more striations in my arms and legs. I will post Macro-Nutrients and Calories later tonight.

    1. Warm-up jog @ 2% incline for 5 min (4mph)
    2. Jog for 5 min @ 3% incline (5mph), then DB Squat to Front Kick (20 each leg)
    3. Walk 4 min @ 8% incline (3.5 mph), then Squat to Jab/Cross Combo (15 each stance)
    4. Walk 3 min @ 10% incline (3.5 mph)
    5. Walk 4 min @ 8% incline (3.5 mph), then Squat to Jab/Cross Combo (15 each stance)
    6. Jog for 5 min @ 3% incline (5mph), then DB Squat to Front Kick (20 each leg)
    7. Jump Rope 5 min

    FYI- ON Cake Batter Whey Protein is the S*IT

  15. In.
    Just inject.

  16. Holy **** this will be an epic cut! You've got a lot of mass too should look insane once you cut down. In for this!
    I hope everybody thinks i'm crazy, because you cannot be a sane person and go through the type of pain i am willing to put myself through to be where i want to be, Once I completely win the war between my mind and body, my reign will begin. ~Me

  17. Nice foundation. Will be interesting to see how this treats you!!

  18. Wish I had a build like yours, great starting pictures and hat. May I ask what are your measurements? (Arms, chest, waist ect)

    BTW your going to love AndroHard I've seemed to maintain a pump ever since day two.
    Applied Nutriceuticals Representative


  19. Nice man can't wait for the results planning on running same cycle wish you the best will be following

  20. Thanks all for checking out my log, and please keep checking for updates.

    I will get a tape measure tmrw and take measurements for those interested.

    Day Three Continued...

    Took dose two at 1500hrs with no side effects (sweet) looking forward to crushing the weights tmrw. I did notice some added vascularity in areas with thinner skin and definite added muscle striation. I also noticed that my muscles are FN HARD...im talking at least 3x harder than creatine alone (I feel like my biceps are as hard as baseballs, softball sized baseballs!)...very exciting for day three.

    Macro-Nutrients for today

    Protein -291.5g (47%)
    Carbohydrates -112g (18%)
    Fats -96.3g (35%)
    Total Calories -2,392

  21. The AndroHard kicks in quickly.
    M.Ed. Ex Phys

  22. Very interest in measurements, looking forward to the update.
    Just inject.

  23. Measurements: I did this on my own (not the easiest task) all muscles unflexed. This is the first time ive ever measured my body so I wasnt sure how the numbers should look. I am pretty sure I did an accurate job. Please let me know if something looks off and Ill measure again.

    Neck- 17"
    Shoulders- 50"
    Chest- 44"
    Waist- 34"
    Quad/Ham- 23"
    Calf- 17"
    Bicep- 17"
    Forearm- 13"

    Im pretty sure thats all the measurables, now im interested to see how these change over the cycle.

    Day four to come later tonight.

  24. I'm in as well. I don't know if you need the creatine on cycle.

    I'm starting an 8 week run of AH this Sunday.


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