SD pulse + Dermacrine stack?

  1. SD pulse + Dermacrine stack?

    I plan on Pulsing SD this summer MWF at 20 mg every week for 6 weeks. I want to stack Dermacrine with the SD but was wondering if I should only dose the dermacrine MWF with the SD or run it throughout the entire cycle. Also I have never pulsed before, should i take an AI during the cycle to prevent estro rebound or will this not be necessary. Any input will be greatly appreciated.

  2. Run the Dermacrine the whole way through. Are you using the Oral or topical Dermacrine btw? and are you using Primordial's Dermacrine? ( big difference trust me )
    Primordial Performance
    ( at heart )

  3. I was going to try the topical Dermacrine by RLS, or should i try and find PP Liqua Vade version?

  4. Bump please. I looking into the same cycle.

  5. Go with the Topical



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