Super-DMZ/EPIVAR/AndroHard/Lean stacking questions

  1. Question Super-DMZ/EPIVAR/AndroHard/Lean stacking questions

    OK the HARD and LEAN should be here soon I also have EPIVAR (18mg) and SUPER-DMZ(10mg/10mg).
    I may pick up the new CYANOSTANE (Cyano15mg/DMZ10mg) also thinking of grabbing straight Superdrol-10mg and maby Rhaptor (Cyano10mg/SD10mg).

    Also doing some MOD 1-29 & ghrp-2 reasearch and can work on clen research but don't really like working with it. I do have HGC research that I will work on will doing this cycle.

    not sure about getting the cyano for this cycle cause the hard/lean/epi with sd/dmz should be fine. Or do you think I should add or swap one of the mabys?

    My on cycle support is top notch and I am not prone to any side effects.

    6'1" 10% bf 204lbs

    anyhow I had no plan on getting the androhard and androlean it just kinda happened. (I wanted to try it down the road with maby a hook up cause I can't really afford it, but I have it now)
    What are some suggestions on how I should take all of this? I was gonna do the SUPER-DMZ wk 1-3 then stack with epi wk 4 then epi wk5-8 but now have to change it for the ANDROs so you guys tell me.
    PLZ help,
    I'm loseing my mind , been on cpu for days I needed a new bottle of the sd/dmz and every time I went to buy it someone else would pay for it first and it would dissappear from my cart. happened 4 different sites. Its so that is why I may be getting some or one of the others cause I only have a few left I started taking them and they got ruined so now with everyone out of stock I'm kinda fu(ked.
    I would really appreciate any real positive feedback no multi methyl no no or 17aa bs I have my insides covered I just need some new stacking advice.
    Thanks in advance,

  2. Maby I should just take the EPIVAR then when the Super-DMZ is back I will do a SD/DMZ/HARD/LEAN stack. IF that is a good choice then what do you think 30mg sd/dmz plus 3/day or 6/day of HARD/LEAN or should those two be split up?

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