stack after stack

  1. stack after stack

    Currently I am on a 6 bromo test booster and some argine and creatine supps as well as some igf 1. My question is would it be an ok idea to hop right on a 1-t / Superdrol stack? I would run it like this....

    wks 1-6: 1-t
    wks 2-6: superdrol


    wks 1-6: 1-t
    wks 1-4: superdrol

    followed up by sustain alpha and toco 8 and endo amp.

    Hows it sound?

  2. I would definitely take about a month off to let your body return to homeostasis.

    Option 2 is better imo; how do you plan to set up the dosing?

    Do you plan to use Sustain Alpha while on-cycle as well?

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