I first want to start off by saying I hope everyone had a great weekend, summer is slowly dwindling!

    We will soon (within this week) have MK677 back in stock as well as plenty of LGD4033, YK-11, S4, S23, Etc (RAD140 will be here in about 2 weeks)

    So expect a nice big sale on SARMs and other great products in celebration of fall and we also want to give you guys some great deals!

    Also, we will soon have our sister site up and running. Until then, we may do open orders via Google Wallet if you'd wish to start purchasing from the new lineup. (Please talk to Yates, he's in charge of Premier Oils)

    We will be having some very cool things for your research needs on this new line up. Again, please refer to Yates for inquires on the new lineup.

    Here's some Research Porn for you gents

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    You guys know we pride ourselves on some beautiful labels and symmetric designs


  2. Yates PM me more info

  3. @yates84....going to need 50ml jugs of these for more elaborate research.
    "If we use our emotions as a means of forming conclusions and making decisions, then it is our emotions that businesses will appeal to, and in such a world, dishonesty reigns." - Par Deus

  4. @yates84 doing it big!
    Serious Nutrition Solutions Representative
    [email protected] ons.com

  5. I can't wait to meet your hot sister, @PRE

  6. NICE!
    Pro God, Pro Gun, Pro Life.

  7. Pm sent to Yates. My reasearch subject has had nothing but good experiences with PRE. Need to get my hands on these oils

  8. Yates do you have an email ? I wanted to get a few thing but dont have 50 post on here yet.

  9. Any igf1?

  10. Quote Originally Posted by Anabolic_Stud View Post
    Any igf1?
    We have DES and LR3, about 9 vials of each left.

    Please email us for inquires at [email protected]


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