Cardarine from Premier

  1. Cardarine from Premier

    Just wanted to give my experience...
    "Test subject" started the first week at 10mg a day. Felt fine no issues. The 4th day in my "test subject"noticed runs he could push himself a bit harder to hit fatigue, heart wasnt pounding like normal during workouts, and he felt a little warmer. 2nd week he tried 20mg first 2 days all at once and he was sweating excessively... tried splitting the dosage same experience. So after 5 days of thinking he would over heat in this desert heat it was cut back to 10mg and the sweating went back to just above normal for my "test subject".
    Endurance was great, He seriously hate going for my runs because he would end up feeling his heart beat through out my entire body... with cardarine it wasn't happening... he had to push himself a little harder each time, which actually made going on runs fun. Wife visually says she sees a difference (her opinion matters the most) He did notice more vascularity by the 2nd week, nothing insane but it was noticeable. Oh yeah and the endurance wasn't just in the runs and workout, haha. Had a slow and steady increase in the bedroom as well, not sure maybe it was how it seems to optimize the heart and breathing? wasn't expecting it there, wife didn't like that boost says I take too long in the first place lol

    Only other thing my test subject was using was TRT prescription so he could judge how it would affect him. He wasn't much of a believer in sarms but this has "him" kind of curious on venturing into something more with Premiere products, potency is there and they have my trust now.
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  2. Nice glad you found something

    And I'm a fan of low doses Sarm myself

    Was this primeval labs ?

  3. @GQdaLEGEND No it was from Premier Research.

  4. It's not a sarm it's a ppar receptor agonist

  5. Awesome review!



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