Workout Log App?

  1. Workout Log App?

    I currently use and love the reactive training systems, however it’s only access is from the website and is not mobile supported. This app lets you keep track of sets/ weight/RPE and keeps a log of estimated 1 RM... which really helps when your workout works off of percentages...

    Any apps out there on IPhone worth looking at?

  2. I've heard a lot of people like sheiko app it tracks your progress and puts you into a program based on ur maxs etc. shows some graphing and tracking of progress I don't know if the app is good though I haven't used it myself

  3. Jefit. Been using it for years.
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  4. FitNotes is my choice. I've been using it for years. Got a new phone, exported my info, imported it on FitNotes again on the new phone, and continued where I left off.
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