Conjugate Templates?

  1. Conjugate Templates?

    Does anybody have any good, solid conjugate pdfs or excel sheets they follow? Looking to follow along one, as I do follow a loose Con Method but really prefer excel sheets for my training.

    Some stats for ref: BW 198, S 465, D 585, B 335

    Help a brotha out!

  2. No one??

  3. I think Conjugate is going to be a tough one to write a spreadsheet for. First, since it's not really a set program, and the exercise selection will depend on raw vs equipped and also what your weaknesses are, it's not going to be easy to just write a list of exercises on a spreadsheet for others to follow. Second, since maximum effort day is generally working up to a new PR in the main lift of the day, you're not really going to be calculating percentage-based weights the same way you would with a lot of the programs that utilize spreadsheets. The spreadsheet might work better for the main lift of dynamic effort day, but again falls apart when we get to assistance work, since that will vary depending on weaknesses.

    I did used to have a spreadsheet where I had a bunch of main lift variations in one column and my PRs for them in another, but eventually the list got so long that I stopped using it. It's all just in a notebook now.
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  4. Yeah i was more looking for something that would calculate my dynamic effort days and just tell me what variations to hit for max effort days... im lazy and tired of thinking

  5. Eh I put something together, ****it



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