Building towards 1RM on Bench

  1. Building towards 1RM on Bench

    Hey guys I'm looking for a little advice on my bench programming. I've been working up to one set with 10+ reps followed by couple more sets and singles.

    I've been increasing pretty decently last workout was

    Looking to hit a 315 bench hopefully soon or something close. Would I be better off going with 215 for hopefully 10 and just do drop sets after until I can't hit it for 10 or so?

    Hope that makes sense


  2. Bench at least 3x a week
    Cut back on accessories. Way back
    8-12 reps endurance
    4-6 reps strength
    1-3 power
    Mon strength
    Wens endurance
    Fri power
    ( or how ever you want to split it)
    And keep rearanging the order...
    Better known as undulation

  3. But yes your right.
    Usually if I can hit 10 reps then I can add 100lb for 1rm.
    But in my experience that dosnt apply until after 300lbs.
    Lots of guy hit 225 for 10 but miss 325.

  4. Also form is key after 300lbs.
    If your ass is going up and your lift is taking 5seconds......your lifting wrong. Don't add weight.

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