Shoulders, traps, back.

  1. Shoulders, traps, back.

    Are shoulders, traps and back too much to work out in one day? I usually workout out separate muscles on separate days; tris monday, bis tuesday, legs wed etc.

  2. Depends on how many exercises you will be doing for each

  3. Heavy on the traps, moderate on shoulders and lite on back

  4. What exercises will you be doing for each body part and how many sets?

    Why go light on back and moderate on shoulders would have thought it would be other way round as the anterior delt will get hit on bench and posterior delt will get hit on any rowing exercises so in reality you mainly need to hit the medial delt with a direct exercise with maybe a few less sets with a direct exercise for the anterior and posterior heads.

  5. Bc I feel like I get more out of shoulder/trap excercises. Possibly bc my form for those excercises is better.

    Dead lift 3 x 10
    Lawnmowers 4 x10
    Incline row 3 x 10

    Ant. Delt
    Db Presses 3 x 10
    Db raises 3 x 10

    Middle Delt
    Lateral raises 3 x 10

    Rear Delt
    Bent over reverse fly 4 x 10

    Db upright row 3 x 10
    Barbell upright row 3 x 10
    Shrugs 3 x 25
    Incline shrugs

  6. I normally do a trap/shoulder day and back/bi day, but I want to dedicate a whole day to biceps tomorrow


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