Candito 6 week Program, 1,600 total at 195

  1. Candito 6 week Program, 1,600 total at 195

    What is everybody's thoughts on the Candito 6 week training program?

    Based on my first couple weeks of the new routine (handling heavier weights), I'm going to shoot for a 1,600 pound raw total at about 195-200 pound bodyweight.

    These are the totals I'm looking to achieve in the next 6 months:

    Bench:455... I'm certain I can hit 440-445 touch and go right now. With 6 solid months of the new undulating periodization program I'm confident I can add 10 pounds and hit 455. I'm including paused reps. If I decide to enter a meet and make it official I want to be ready for that.

    Squat:520... I know my depth is good (I squat high bar below parallel fairly narrow stance). I have to get used to the walk out with heavy weights. Man... I swear the walkout with 455 and up is the hardest part.

    Deadlift:625...I can pull more Sumo than conventional, yeah! Right now I'm sitting at about 585 conventional with a stiff bar. I'm not certain where the Sumo is but it feels MUCH easier. I'm excited to see what numbers I get in the next 4-6 weeks. If I hit 600 in 4-5 weeks, I think adding 25 pounds to the bar in the following 5 months is realistic given the new routine.

    I have a few videos up on the you tubes (Bench/Deadlift/Squat/Supercharged Corvette):

    Search: 350 Bench Press for 9 Reps RAW at 198 pound Body Weight

    If anybody uses Candito's program let me know your thoughts. I'm still undecided about what to do for week 6.

  2. Candito's 6 week program is solid for the intermediate natural trainee.

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