Help I've fallen and can't get up!

  1. Help I've fallen and can't get up!

    So I pulled a PR DL of 550 last November. Since then I've been doing my own thing not really a structured program. In the first week of February I pulled a PR of 500x4. The following week I started working with a coach and the DL day I pulled 475x6 AMRAP. Since then my pulls have gone down the drain. Every week the weights get harder and harder. Yesterday I was to do [email protected] (87%) my first set I struggled to even get 2. So that killed me mentally. Next set 1. I tried at least 2 more times with different foot and belt positioning and it wouldn't even budge.

    I went back down to 225 and did some reps with that then slowly worked up to 475 again this time I got 3. I tried 2 more times and failed to budge again. This destroyed my moral and unjust left the gym disgusted. Today I'm paying for my lower back/spine hurts do to ****ty form.

    Do I continue on this week with training and skip pulls? My bench and squat have been going up fine. I'm at a crossroad and don't know what to do.

    Any advice?

  2. I have had this happen and on more than one occasion.
    My fast response would be, if my squat was still going up, I figure I am strengthening my pos chain and there is usually always carryover from squats to deads.

    How long,(months?) how heavy, (upwards of 85+%?) and how many times per week have you been deadlifting, especially, and also squatting?
    How has your mood been?
    How has your sleep been?
    How has your diet been?

  3. Are you working a program that allows you to peak?
    Sound like you need 3-5 weeks of ramping volume followed by 3-4 weeks of working up to 95% and hoping that 95% feels light .
    Then BOOM!!!

  4. Oh I just reread and now I see the no program part.

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