1. Trapezius

    How d'you guys hit your traps..and how to build those thick noticeable trap area behind the neck ?

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    Mine tends to stay flat
    I usually do trap 3 times a week with heavy shrugs, upright and front bb raises

  2. Deadlifts.

  3. ^This, all day. Add farmer's walks and heavy rows and you'll never need to shrug or do damaging upright rows again.
    Training log:

  4. Deadlifts, Farmers, Heavy Shrugs, Cleans, Snatch-grip anything.
    What are we calling a heavy shrug here? If you can shrug 3x/week, there's no way it's heavy enough.

  5. face pulls and high cable rows plus everything else said above.

    i tend to think that seated DB shrugs are far more effective then barbell but thats just me.

  6. Farmer Walks gave my traps the most noticeable growth, when I trained them after deadlifts & rows. Keep the variation going with barbell shrugs, High Pulls, "Kroc" Rows, face-pulls & band pull-aparts.


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