Is A 5x5 routine good for building strength ?

  1. Is A 5x5 routine good for building strength ?

    Is a 5x5 workout routine good for building strength ?

  2. Yep
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  3. Sure, a 5x5 with linear progression will take you pretty far early on. Nice balance of volume and intensity.

  4. What the others said...
    5x5's (especially utilizing the 3-5 big compound exercises) is pretty darn good for building your base.
    You get volume for mass and also the set ups or progressions, have you building strength and intensity over time.
    You get to drill those lifts a good bit working good form with weights that have you pushing hard, but not so heavy constantly that your burning out fast or using such low reps, that you compromise the form on really heavy max attempts.
    Lots of newer set ups, are derived from old school 5x5 stuff.

  5. Old school is best IMO....especially for strength and mass....worked for Reg Park lol

  6. I don't post over here much, but since you hit the nail on the head...

    YES! 5x5 is great and I got my strongest and heaviest on it back in my Track and Field days (Shot Put / Hammer) before ever using any AAS. Mondays Squat. Wed Bench, Friday Deadlift.

    Not strong as some guys here, but 650 Squat, 425 bench, 600+ deadlift (this lift changed during the year to power cleans, then snatches at the end, then Plyios). 265lbs BW. Zero AAS.

    Remember to try to always move the weight as FAST as you can, explosive. 5x5 is not about grinding out reps, just power. The muscle and strength just comes by itself. Great routine. When you stagnate, go to 5x2 or 5x1 for a couple weeks to peak out your strength, then take 5-7 days off of light active rest, then back to 5x5. Good Luck!

    I wish I could still do this routine, honestly. My lower back just won't bear it after a decade and a half of competition. Im old I guess. haha.


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