Powerlifting in Little Rock, Ar

  1. Powerlifting in Little Rock, Ar

    Hi guys,
    ive been working out for a few years now. I've dabbled with a few different types of training. I keep coming back to powerlifting. I just like the way I feel when I leave the gym after lifting heavy. I've made some good progress. I've been working with a friend who is a certified personal trainer. He's given me some good advice along the way, he has an understanding of what I need to do to be a good powerlifter, but his main area if focus is body building. I would like to work with some other experience powerlifters. I have googled it but I haven't found much in Little Rock. I would also like to attend a meet as a spectator and maybe compete soon. Does anyone on here know of any powerlifters in little rock? Or can maybe you guys from other places just give me some info about what to expect at a meet and what all I need to do to find a meet and a good federation(I guess I would have to be a member to compete?)


  2. Have you been to www.powerliftingwatch.com? Records/Gym/and Meet search.

    They have meets in Branson, MO every summer. I don't know anything about your area though.
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  3. Branson. That's awesome... That way I can turn it into a family thing and keep the wife off of my back. Thanks.

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