YOUR 2014 Powerlifting Meet Goals

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  1. Quote Originally Posted by DJBeanPole View Post
    Big shoutout to @Sean1332 for helping me locate my first meet. I'm doing that NASA meet on the 8th of March. Can't wait!
    How did it go?

  2. Quote Originally Posted by Sean1332 View Post
    Good luck brother! Post up how you do.
    Class: 242 - Unequipped Powerlifting - Novice

    Previous PRs
    SQUAT: 365lbs
    BENCH: 300lbs (ollllld PR = 320lbs but I can't remember for sure so I'm not counting it)
    DEAD: 500lbs

    ATTEMPT 1: 315lbs SUCCESS
    ATTEMPT 2: 330lbs SUCCESS
    ATTEMPT 3: 369lbs FAIL

    ATTEMPT 1: 255lbs SUCCESS
    ATTEMPT 2: 275lbs FAIL
    ATTEMPT 3: 275lbs FAIL

    ATTEMPT 1: 435lbs SUCCESS
    ATTEMPT 2: 480lbs SUCCESS
    ATTEMPT 3: 501.5lbs FAIL

    I don't want to sound like a whiny bitch making excuses but I blame some of the failures on:

    1) Taking this meet on short notice with only 5 weeks of Sheiko Comp Prep to use to prepare for
    2) Not buying my own scale and subsequently cutting WAAAAY too much for weigh in. I was 255lbs when I decided to do this meet and when I weighed in officially I was 232.2. Oops. This was a failure on my part by not consistently using the same scale and assuring myself the ones I were using were accurate.
    3) First time meet nerves/jitters.

    But it was a FANTASTIC time and now I know what I need to work on! BENCHPRESS needs to come up so baaaaaad.

  3. Hey guys, I have a new powerlifting goal. My sponsor Unbreakable Gear has been kind enough to fly me down from Oregon to Arizona next month to compete in a meet that will benefit Hospice of the Valley, a great national cause. It's also a USPA sanctioned meet I'm going to be competing in the 198 class. My goal is to hit a 1275+ total to get me into USPA worlds in November. My main objective though, is to meet my fundraising goal of 500 dollars. This is the first event like this that I've ever been involved in. I really don't want to come up short on my end, which is the fundraising, especially when people have been so gracious as to fly me down. Here is the link to my donation page, any amount gets me that much closer to my goal. Thanks for reading this, and maybe checking out my page or donating, stay strong!
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