Hello! New to the forums.

  1. Hello! New to the forums.

    How's it going? Some of the other boards I post on are pretty dead, hoping that won't be the case here My name's Don, I'm 6'1", 25 y.o., and 212 lbs. I got into powerlifting while I was in the sandbox, and I'm looking to compete in my first PL comp next April (hopefully at 198).

    Current best lifts (obviously all gym lifts, looking to change that):

    Squat: 385
    DL: 475
    Bench: 260

    Looking for tips and discussion on lifting, primarily raw lifting, and discussion about PL in general. Currently on a high-percentage, high-volume cycle and NOT deadlifting for a while. 3 X wk squat and 3 X wk benchpress.

    Anyway, thanks for checking in!

  2. welcome man!
    Current Log: http://anabolicminds.com/forum/workout-logs/291581-officially-chasing-abs.html#post5714196

  3. http://www.elitefts.net/Default.asp would be a good site to check out for ya
    Current Log-Olympus labs Stenadrol- http://anabolicminds.com/forum/cycle-info/247378-olympus-labs-stenadrol.html#post4430422

  4. Welcome...!
    You keepin' a log here kiddo?
    How did you hurt your back? (assuming no deads!?)

  5. Thanks for the welcome guys.

    My back is fine, I just want to focus on squats with a smolov-esque program because I feel it is too far from my deadlift. I use roughly the same muscles for both, and I'll get a heavy weight in my hands every once in a while so I don't forget how it feels.

    I might start a log. Probably put one up today.



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