Defining ELITE levels of strength

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  1. Defining ELITE levels of strength

    At what point do you personally considered someone to be at an elite lvl of strength. Im talking on a lb for lb basis, what types of %'s would we be talking about? When I was asked this question here was my thoughts...

    Squat 250%
    Dead 250%
    Bench 200%
    Power Clean 150%
    Push Press 150%

    Im looking for different opinions, Im sure my numbers here will be on the low side, Im just curious to see how far I am off from what others think from other power sports. Im also speaking from a Natural perspective, I do think if using hormones I would say these numbers would all be a bit higher.
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  2. I'm so glad someone already answered this for me, so now I don't have to.

  3. lol so Im pretty close on the PLing numbers
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  4. Quote Originally Posted by gymratluke View Post
    lol so Im pretty close on the PLing numbers

    Really the lift by lift doesn't matter, however you get those 3 to add up to a strong enough total is all that's important.

  5. If you can hit those % you're strong.
    Elite DL is 2.8x bw not 2.5. I checked the charts for 198 weight class. Not sure if it varies % by weight class.
    Sq 2.5 and bench 2x are at the min # for elite.
    Agree that high total b-sq-dl is better indicator than a guy who can bench a lot but cannot go heavy on the other movements.

  6. Had this saved to my phone..... It may help.

  7. I totally agree on the High Total thing...I was just wondering as to what people would seem to believe is an Elite lvl for certain lifts. I see on that last chart it has over 300% for Deadlift and over 200% on the Bench...thats pretty damn damn strong. And yeah I 280% or so seems to be the squat percentage. I would like to be considered as an Elite lvl lifter some day so Im gonna set myself some new higher goals. Im pretty dang close, at 195lbs I have about a 1400lb total, natural and raw
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  8. I'm an elite deadlifter....yaaaaaay
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  9. Damn I got some serious work to do! Ty for the post OP and the info guys
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  10. those numbers on the last chart are pretty low. I think top 5 on the plw rankings would be considered "elite". so whatever those guys are doing

  11. I've always used Kilgore and Rippetoe's weightlifting standards. Google it, it's a lot different than Jim's 100% raw numbers.

    I use Kilgore and Rip's because there's a little science behind it and it's not tied to any federation.

    They define elite as <1% of the training population will reach this level.

  12. their starting strength chart?

  13. Quote Originally Posted by James Fuller View Post
    their starting strength chart?
    No, google Kilgore and rippetoe weight lifting standards

  14. i did and im seeing alot of the same charts


    Don't kill me because it says crossfit, I think it's pretty sound.

    Is this the one you're referring to?

  16. yea thats one of them

  17. Quote Originally Posted by James Fuller View Post

  18. Quote Originally Posted by James Fuller View Post
    yea thats one of them
    Very different than the one you posted...

  19. the numbers still are the same or within a pound

  20. and the numbers still seem way to low to be considered elite. atleast for the 165lbers anyways

  21. Quote Originally Posted by James Fuller View Post
    the numbers still are the same or within a pound
    Are the ones you posted in kilos?

  22. Looks like they are, my bad...

  23. no worries


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