PumpHouse gets back his 500 lb Deadlift

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  1. Quote Originally Posted by PumpHouse View Post
    Deadlifted 185 pounds yesterday. Feeling much better. On my way back.
    I recently hurt mine too, feeling better now, but just start light and keep building back up. I did 5/3/1 starting at like 60 percent or so.

    Get well man
    Training Log
    "Jackie Treehorn treats objects like woman man."

  2. I'm thinking about spending the next 8 weeks pulling from a 4" box. Keeping the weight low for a while. I felt fine with 185. So just to be cautious. I've been able to squat again, hit 225x10x3 the other night. So it's all going well and now I feel more flexible then ever.

    My bench hasn't taken a hit. So that's good. Hopefully I come back and am able to get a 1300 total this coming year.

  3. Good to hear dude...!

  4. Keep healin bro
    Log: http://anabolicminds.com/forum/workout-logs/226478-country-gets-huge.html#post3905023

  5. 1300 total is pretty beast dude! Best of luck

  6. Good luck. I hit my first 505 deadlift last week and I was ecstatic.

  7. So just to let you guys know, this thread was meant as a review of the program, I didn't get a chance to finish but I still would say it's a very effective program, today was the girlfriends final week. She hit a 245 lb deadlift at a weight of 103. Which I believe is a 30 pound increase over 10 weeks. So from what I did an watching her, this program works, but is brutal, so don't take it lightly.

    On another note, my back feels fine, I focused on my mobility and flexibility since I've been injured which worked wonders, I'm able to do the splits again (it's been years.) I hit a squat of 225x17 but haven't gone any heavier, will start back to something a bit heavier next week. Bench press is unaffected, hit 260x2. Pulled 225 sumo the other day with no pain. Going to slowly out more weight up, going to go sumo for a while too.

    Thanks to everyone who gave me advice and sent me reading material.

  8. Glad to hear it man.
    Log: http://anabolicminds.com/forum/workout-logs/226478-country-gets-huge.html#post3905023

  9. Quote Originally Posted by PumpHouse View Post
    She hit a 245 lb deadlift at a weight of 103.
    That is pretty strong right there. Over 2x BW pull...!

    I hit a squat of 225x17
    Cool higher rep fun and phuckage

  10. Quote Originally Posted by PaulBlack View Post

    That is pretty strong right there. Over 2x BW pull...!

    She currently holds a California record.

    Cool higher rep fun and phuckage
    Yeah juggernaut method is dirty.


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