Sandbags and other Implements

  1. Sandbags and other Implements

    Just purchased the brute force spartan sandbag kit, it can be filled to 120 lbs and then as I need, I will buy the next shell and filler bags. Really looking forward to this arriving and can't wait for it to arrive, I'm on a great program given to me by a buddy of mine that he used in the military. As far as other implements I have a tire that weighs roughly 180 pounds, a marine rope for pulls and various exercises. Really a big fan of functional training and thoroughly enjoy the benefits of implement training.
    My question to you, every sand bag I've used for sandbag slams has ripped to shreds in a single workout, anyone know a bag that can take that in stride?

  2. I have had 2 sand bags that have ripped up too. It sucks. Not sure I can help there.

    I can say that you will need to triple the weight of that tire. My heaviest is a 400 pounder. Its so easy to flip now that I barely ever use it and when I do its only for conditioning.
    you can call me "ozzie" for short.

  3. Yeah a buddy of mine just got his hands on a front end loader tire that weighs 315, so that ill be using with him.

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