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I don't do very much trunk or hip flexion. I prefer to work the rectus abs via anti-extension (i.e.: roll outs).

We can divide this into the local vs. global core. Local core are the deep (spinal in many cases) stabilizers that produce very little gross movements. These are postural muscles, and exhibit different levels of tone based upon position and load.

Global would be the muscles that are [generally] more superficial, and produce more gross movements (trunk flexion, extension, rotation, etc.).

Imbalances between the two are often what leads to injury, and often also what limits performance (or technique) during heavy load bearing movements. Generally, the imbalance goes global > local.

I break the core movements down into something like this:

Static (planks)
Anti-extension/flexion (roll outs)
Anti-rotation (pallof press)
Lateral flexion/extension

My suggestion is to try and place a heavy emphasis on the statics and anti movements, working some form of them every other day. Then do rotation and trunk flexion once a week.
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