My Girl's First Meet

  1. My Girl's First Meet

    Will be this Saturday at Tiny Meeker's "Monster Gym"

    She will be doing WABDL 148 weight class Junior (single ply), Bench and Deadlift.
    She put off dieting down for the last 4 months and had to work off the pudding here within the last 3 weeks (dropped 8lbs in 3 weeks) so her performance has suffered a little but should be better after the weight in and she gets some good carbs and sodium in her. That was her idea, not mine, I told her to drop the weight 4 months in advance and cruise in so she wouldn't have to lose any but yall know how women are.....

    Tx state record is currently 192 lbs on the bench, she has done a best of 198 (on a sick day 2 weeks ago) so we are sure she has more in her (that was also her first time in a shirt).

    Will update with results and video come Sunday!

  2. Good Luck to Her! subbed for further info she is a very pretty lady.
    [email protected]
    Athletic Xtreme Rep


  3. Gotta see this. This is awesome to see. My girlfriend is getting ready for Illinois strongest man in october so this is awesome to see the woman competitors

  4. Will have the bench videos up tomorrow.

    Keep in mind this is her very first meet and she has only been powerlifting training for the last 3 months. Overall weight training in general for about 1 year now.
    She started at 156lbs, decided to do this meet about 3 months ago, and started dieting for it about 3 weeks ago (dropped from 156lbs to 143.4lbs). She let herself get stressed out and sick 3 times over the last 3 weeks, and managed to ace her college exams 1 week before the event.

    Her bench:
    1st attempt (165lbs) good

    2nd attempt (192.9lbs, chipping the 192 state record) bad (she dropped on left then powered through)

    3rd attempt (192.9lbs, chipping the 192 state record) bad (she wasn't deep enough on the bench and bar just barely rocked back and bumped the head cage) she powered through beautifully on this one though and obviously had about another 10lbs in her

    1st attempt (275lbs) good
    YouTube - Louzee Deadlifting at first Meet 5/14/2011

    2nd attempt (319lbs) good
    YouTube - Louzee Deadlifting at first Meet 5/14/2011

    3rd attempt (330lbs) good
    YouTube - Louzee Deadlifting at first Meet 5/14/2011

    She could have done much better on the deads but was really having head games since bombing out on the bench. She does 315 raw in the gym like nothing any other day of the week.

    Plan of attack for future.
    She is going to hold off on competing again for roughly 9 months.
    Goals are:
    185-190lb raw bench
    405-425lb raw dead
    355-375 raw squat

    Once she hits these numbers she will be ready go back and administer a true butt whooping. Plan is to stay in the 148 weight class. She is 143.4 right now roughly 15-17% bf. She still has a little bit of fat she can lose and solid muscle to gain without breaking out of class or putting herself at a weak point because of too low of bf.

    Overall she is very happy with her first meat. She ended up winning 1st place womens overall bench press and was tied for overall womens deadlift.

    The other girl is Linda Okoro. She holds the bench record Louzee is after (they are both friends mind you) and holds the deadlift record as well. This girl competes in the 148 lb class and deadlifts 469lbs!

  5. Congratulations on first place!!! Thats great!
    I can't see the vids right now because connection is really slo, but the pix are very nice and u guys look really good together. Tell her she is very inspiring and motivating
    [email protected]
    Athletic Xtreme Rep


  6. awesome!

  7. Cool **** man!!! Good for her!!!




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