Favorite AI for PCT

  1. Favorite AI for PCT

    Tried this thread in the supplements and didnt seem to work out for me. I got 1 answer and the rest trash pretty much. But anyways...Whats your favortite AI out there? Im running another cycle of EPI soon and looking around and trying to decide on my options. So whats our favorite AI for PCT?

  2. Aromasin 10-20mg/ED. I'd also add some Torm at 10-60mg/ED after a Epi cycle.

  3. I've had success with 6-OXO for weak cycles and 6-Bromo coupled with a SERM for stonger ones. IMO, if using a SERM is not something you are willing to do, then try looking into products like 6-OXO Extreme, Dermacrine Sustain, and Post Cycle Support/Stoked. I'm really not much of a fan of ATD. I like Formestane over Aromisin and A-dex for on cycle(heavy non-PH/PS type) usage as well. I've also used Aromisin in post cycle therapy with okay results.

  4. I will be using a serm. I have Torem which I used last cycle. I was just looking for some stuff to throw on top of that also. Heard alot of opinions about 6-oxo so I might look into that. Any other suggestions?

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