Dosing Ralox for mild cycle?

  1. Dosing Ralox for mild cycle?

    What would be a sufficient dose for ralox in PCT for a 6 weeker of BOLD(800 mg) and Epi(last 3 weeks at 20 mgs ed) later this spring.

    I have PCT-support at 4 ed and Im not sure how to dose the ralox. Thought maybe 60 ed for 4 weeks with Novedex 1,1,2,2

    I also have Nolva and clomid but since ralox is milder on your body I would prefer to use that this time.

    I know some say 120-240 mg's ed but there also some saying PCT-support might be enough so I thought 60 is somewhere in between a "real" PCT and a OTC PCT.


  2. I've dosed Ralox at 120mg/day for 2weeks, then 60mg/day the last 2 weeks. You won't feel "back" until about week 3.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by pitbullgenetics View Post
    I used Ralox as post cycle therapy for a Havoc cycle and got gyno
    That sucks man! Maybe I stick to Nolva


  4. Letro is supposed to do the trick but I don't know enough about it to give instructions so do some searching and you shall find. I also remember a thread a while back by i think The Sinner(sorry if someone else) about getting rid of gyno with low dose SERM's over a longer period of time. Something like 10+ mg's of nolva for a few months. Maybe some transdermal formestane might help some in addition. What gave you gyno in the first place? Progestin induced? Cabergoline might work in that case.
    Good luck!


  5. Quote Originally Posted by pitbullgenetics View Post
    I used Ralox as post cycle therapy for a Havoc cycle and got gyno
    More details man.
    What was your dosing? Length of PCT?
    Did you use an AI with the Ralox?

  6. Quote Originally Posted by pitbullgenetics View Post
    60mg for 4 weeks. I did a lot of searching beforehand and most people said that would suffice.

    Wouldn't the AI have been better ON cycle, or no?
    Just me, but I like to start Ralox at 120mg/day at least first week during post cycle therapy.
    60mg/day for 4 weeks would suffice for most coming off a typical 4 week Epi cycle, but you really need to ramp up with an AI as the Test levels start bouncing back.
    I like the steroidal AI's like 6-Bromo (AX HDX2) and EForm (Formestane). I always like to run a couple extra weeks tapering back down with the AI. I'm just not crazy about stopping AI's after HIGH dosing them.
    Read Neo's summary:
    dosage for torem

    Yes, AI's can be used ON cycle depending on what your ON.

    BTW... I have gyno myself and this protocol (after mild PH cycles-Epi or Halo) really eliminates sensitivity and does not aggravate gyno at all.


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