Epistane and Novedex XT

  1. Epistane and Novedex XT

    Well once I get my diet in check I'm going to run epistane.

    Im thinking

    I may ad a 5th week at 30 since I have 2 bottles

    Im 6'3" 240

    The main point in this post is to ask about Novedex XT

    It seems people dont like it. Should drop it for rebound?

    post cycle therapy will have

    Nolva 40/30/20/10
    Retain-- How should i take this
    Novedex/Rebound- Ramping up

    I already have everything Just want to know if I should swap out the novedex

  2. It's and ATD and will kill your d1ck. I would recommend 6-oxo instead!

  3. anything else is rebound also an ATD

  4. I think as long as you have your:

    1. SERM

    2. AI

    3. Test Booster / HPTA restorer you will be fine

    I have heard good things about Drive from AN. I would recommend this, but if you are decided on Restore this should be fine. Looks like most dose it 2 pills a day. I really don't have much info on this product.


    Much Love,


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