Stomach pain from torem?

  1. Stomach pain from torem?

    I have just started my 2nd week of pct after a havoc and s-drol pulse. I am using torem (120/90/60/30) tribex,igf-1 and dhea. Every thing seem to be going fine except i have been having some pain in my lower abdomen. Almost like a mild cramp. It feels deep like my intestines? Would any of this cause this? I have used all of it except the torem before with no problems. I dont really think it is anything serious just thought someone else might have had this also and no a way to cure it. Thanks

  2. I personally haven't hear of it but perhaps just remove all but the Toremifene and then see how it goes. If all well add the other stuff back in one by troubleshoot.

    Much Love,


  3. Never heard of that. Im on week three and everything is great.

  4. Could possibly be a "must be taken with food" or "without food" thing?

    Just thinking aloud.

    Much Love,


  5. I dont know but I always take it before bed with my protein shake to mask the taste which is horrid.

  6. I always take it with a shake. Most of the time its right before bed. I may just have just caught something going around it may not have anything to do with the torem.

  7. hey another question for you guys if you dont mind. Is it always best to take this for four weeks. I'm starting my second and it seem like everything is almost back to normal. I was just wondering if you always need four weeks? Sorry if thats a dumb question i am 100% new to this stuff.

  8. I don't believe you have to take this for four weeks but would taper it off either way. I think this would also depend on how much you are shutdown and how long your cycle was. Standard dosing protocol is 120/90/60/30 so you could depending on your cycle / shutdown speed the taper up.

    Perhaps others will chime in on this.

    Much Love


  9. 1 ive never experience any stomach issues with torem
    2 depending on personal feelings on how shutdown your are 3 weeks on torem tapered down should be fine
    3 neoborn's sudgestion to stop all other pct supps and troubleshoot is a fine idea

  10. You did say your cycle was a pulse, which is designed to minimize shutdown. So you probably don't need a "normal" 4-week PCT -- but only you can make that call.


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