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Stack advice?

  1. Stack advice?

    Im finishing an 8 week cycle of turanabol April 14th and am looking for suggestions.

    Products I have on hand:

    Toremifene 60mg/ml 60ml
    DS Activate
    DS Rebound Reloaded
    DS Rebound XT
    DS Lean Xtreme

    Im wondering if I should just take toremifene and Lean Xtreme once I finish as post cycle therapy. Or should I add in the NHA stack as well as the clen?

    I have read clen can help retain gains after cycle.

    So what do you all suggest?

    Btw, im 225lbs and around 18%bf. Looking to be around 210 and 12% in 10 weeks. Thanks for advice.

  2. how was the ot results?

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