Too weak of a PCT?

  1. Too weak of a PCT?

    I've done a few cycles; each pct ended terribly. It went well for 3 weeks and then BAM!...I'd get the flu. After doing quite a bit of reading I've come to the conclusion it was probably because I was suppressing my estrogen levels for too long with high doses of an AI (atd). This PCT I plan on going SERM only. I'll be using either Tamoxifen or Toremifene and PowerFull. Nothing else. I'd like to keep this PCT simple. My main question is, "Who feels that this PCT is too weak?" Normally you will see serms, ai's, cortisol blockers and other products included. After my 4 week PCT I plan on running Rebound Reloaded at 2 caps for two weeks and 1 cap until I run out along with Fenugreek to make sure my test levels return high. Another question is about gyno. I had a pretty bad flare up. This has happened before and I got rid of it but this time it was a little more persistent. I'm hoping some of it will go away during PCT. Who would recommend tamox or torm? At what doses? Keep in mind I'm trying to rid gyno as well as go through PCT.

  2. If I remember correctly, Tren was in this cycle you're prepping recovery from right? I recall your temper.

    If it was me, I would do a balls to the wall recovery program instead of skimping on it. You're right, respect your estro levels, but as you just mentioned you are also trying to remedy a gyno situation... another reason you should incorporate a stronger PCT (with an inverse taper perhaps)

    I have found that my recovery from Tren/Nand compounds (notorious for hard recoveries) were amazing with Toremefine.. I have never experienced how quickly I bounced back.. very amazing for HPTA recovery...You should also know that I was also on for much longer than the norm with some pretty suppressive compounds.

    My vote would be Toremefine and Exemestane, with the other recovery aids such as DHEA and the like.

  3. ya i have been on cycle now for about 14 weeks. the first ten was tren @ 50mg ED and test @ 100mg ED. since i quit the tren ive been on test @ 150mg ed and pp @ 20mg ed. i never really have much of a problem with recovery and even after this strong cycle i dont seem to be too shut down. i think my body bounces back quite fast and my problem is i give myself a stronger post cycle therapy than necessary and my body doesnt seem to like it. i may try the inverse you mentioned however. ive been waiting for ibe to get their toremifene in stock but its coming around to the time i need to come off so i may have to settle for nolva until i can get the tor. i plan on running the powerfull @ 9 caps per day. the nolva i would run 60/40/40/20. if i got the tor it would be days 1-3 @ 120mg, 4-14 @ 60mg, 15-28 @ 30mg. if i do include the ai such as rebound reloaded i would start at 1 cap for the first two weeks and never go above 2 caps. fenugreek would also be included 2g/3/4/4. after reading some powerfull reviews im worried that it may get in the way of my gyno reduction. thats why i was considering waiting to run the ai seperately from my post cycle therapy to really concentrate on ridding myself of the gyno if at all possible.

    i love the feeling i have on cycle but after evaluating everything, i think this is my last cycle. the benefits for me definitely dont outweigh the negative effects. i havent gained too much at all on this cycle and am now struggling with gyno (or at least worsened gyno). my body isnt made to be as big as i am. even with anabolics its hard for me to keep up with my weight. i slack on my diet for a week and you can definitely notice it. i reached 200lbs, 9%bf at 5'8. i am now down to about 185. naturally i can probably hold at 190 with hard work. however, i wont say it wasn't a good experience.

  4. Changed around my post cycle therapy...This is what it's going to look like (Tor has not been available from the board sponsor I get the supplies from so I'm going to stick with tamox since it's what I have.) :

    Nolva: 60/40/40/20
    Rebound Reloaded: 1/2/2/3 (Continue at one cap ED until bottle is empty)
    PowerFULL: 9 caps ED (4 weeks)
    Fenugreek: 2g/2/3/4
    DHEA: 200/150/100/100
    CEE: 3g ED

    Hopefully this will rid me of some gyno I've encountered and bring me back strong. I was hoping to be able to use Toremifene, but it looks like I won't get to.

    About 1 1/2 months after PCT I plan on 4 weeks of IGF-1 LR3 @ 50mcg ED.

    I may pick up some Tadalafil for the PCT. I've gotten so used to the wood I get on 150mg ED of prop I don't think I'll be able to go back to normal. Maybe the PowerFULL will take care of that. I'm hoping I respond well to it.

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