Does this look sufficient

  1. Does this look sufficient

    I am going to be doing a quick cycle in the near future.

    It consist of 100mg ED test Prop. for 6 weeks with 90mcg ED for 4 weeks (in the middle) of IGF-1

    I was wondering what you guy suggest for PCT.

    I was planning on doing say 3 weeks of Nolva 60,40,20 with tribulus and ATD (ramping it up) but I am not sure if this is either inadequate or overkill. Any help is really appreciated as I do not want to screw this up,

  2. No one has anything to say. I really would like to set up a solid PCT as that to me seems almost more important than the cycle.

    There has been a revision. As the cycle is now 6 weeks of test prop at 150mg EOD

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