Lionnutrition legit>?

  1. Lionnutrition legit>?

    Hey guys I just ordered some nolva off of lion nutrition and now after I ordered it I read that it isn't the best place. Should I order from somewhere else? if so what should I do with the nolva from lionnutrition? its in the mail... Any help about this would be greatly appreciated because I will be starting a superdrol cycle soon... well if I get good nolva first.

  2. I'm pretty sure Lion is legit, alot of satisfied customers. There are board sponsors offering the same products cheaper though, maybe that's why you've read Lion isn't the "best".

  3. I can't vouch for, or discredit lion. Thay have been around for a long time, so if they were ripping people off, it seems to me they wouldn't be able to stay in business.
    With that said, you should always check the board sponsors before ordering elsewhere. There is a great variety of excellent companies which can cover virtually all of your needs. I've never had a bad transaction (or product) with any sponsors I've used.


  4. Too expensive IMO.

  5. didn't get it tested but i had to use triple dose of lion's tamox citrate to counter gyno is comparison to CNW's (no longer available).

  6. Thanks guys

  7. lion used to be good , but i havn't used them over a year but CNW has good things.

  8. I like to use IBE!

  9. I was wondering about Lions Tamox as well. I have tried their clen and T3 as well.

    I used the Tamoxifen my first cycle..M1t/4ad and lost everything PCT. I just chalked it up as being a newbie and not having my diet and routine down.

    Later I on I tried tried the T3 and Clen combo. Its hard to tell with the T3 but the Clen seemed underdosed to me.

    Note: These were the first experiments with these chemicals.

    I did not buy these directly from LR.
    From everything I have read they have a good rep.
    Just thought I would share... If I were buying LR I would buy from them directly.

    I will be trying IBE for my next cycle.

  10. i got letro from LN (flavored i might add) and it was cheaper than the sponsers. i never tried it so i cant vouch for if it works or not though. after these comments however i might order from IBE they are very trustworthy.

  11. Lion is legit, the reason they cost more is because their stuff is all flavored. I stopped using them regularly because Id rathersave money and chase my products with water then pay more for flavor. but thats just me.

  12. I have some Letro from Lion. It tastes like crap (cinammon?) but it works great. Underdosed Letro probably wouldn't be a problem though since it is so dam strong.

  13. I used their nolva a couple of years ago. It worked just fine.


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