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  1. Current PCT Help

    Cycle - 14 weeks 600mg Test E. 12 weeks 400mg 1test. (my first cycle)

    Im in my 4th week of Pct on the following plan. and all is going well.

    HCG- During last 2 weeks (15-16) of cycle 500mg EOD

    Nolva-40mg ed week 1 (thought i had gyno) 5-7 30/20/10

    Clomid-week 3-6 300mg for 2 days, 150 for 5. 100mg for week 4, 75mg week 5, 50 mg week 6.

    RXT- weeks 2-5 50mg's

    LX- 3 caps a day. Starting week 1, I planned on running 6 weeks, i have enuff to run for 8, should i stay on for extra 2 weeks

    Fenugreek- week 1 200mg, week 2 1500mg, now 1000mg till the bottle finishes.

    camphbolic-6 caps a day. I have 2 bottles so this will last me around 8-9 weeks i think.

    Zma-3 caps a night for all 8 weeks.

    Now i was thinking about adding activate for weeks 8-11. And possibly some 60X0 somewhere maybe around week 10.

    What do you guys think about adding Activate, and maybe even some 60X0?

    Tribulus is also an option.

  2. PCT Overkill

    While I had my doubts about the product at first, I'll ALWAYS use UltraHott-er as the base of my PCT. Here's why:

    I haven't cycled in almost a year, but have had low test levels since I was a teenager. Recently I found out they were way low (106 total and 2.3 free), basically 80 year old man test levels. Tried 6-oxo for a month, got retested, the levels went up a bit, but I was still way low for someone my age.

    After some research and always being a big fan of Avena Sativa, I decided to give UltraHot a try. It's been 3 weeks, and I haven't gotten tested yet, but my libido is starting to come back, I get morning wood daily, which hasn't happened since I was 15 or on test. and I feel, sleep, and generally function better. It's hardly been a month at 2 caps/night. I'm gonna stay on it for another 2 months.

    In addition to UltraHot, I'd keep definately keep the HCG it makes the other supps work more efficiently (your test levels will already be near normal from it) Keep the Fenugreek, pick up some cordyceps, and read my article in Mind & Muscle: "New Approaches to PCT" in issue #21 (

    I would have just cut & pasted it, but Avant labs has the rights

  3. Thanks

    Could i add ultra hotter to some of my late pct weeks? or would this be over kill?

  4. All i can add is the fenugreek dosing

    should be

    week 1 2g
    week 2 2.5g
    week 3 3g
    week 4 3.5-4g

    need to keep ramping it up, then take a break.
    1g is too low of a dose, but considering all the other stuff your on it probably wont make a big difference.

  5. thanks Kris, i think'ill up it back to 2g, starting next monday.

  6. Viator- what is cordyceps?

    could i also stack andro with ultra hotter and activate for weeks 8-12? or would this be overkill?

    I read your article when it came out. I might have to revisit.

    I Didn't have any supression(testies) during my cycle, until the last 2 weeks when i added m1t. and it wasn't much. Then about 2 weeks into pct i started getting supression. Although now at some pionts in the day they are supressed and other time's there not. When do you think i should expect them to be back to normal.

    Other then that, libido is pretty decent, and ejaculatory volume is very high. Workouts verygood. feel good.

  7. andro would not be a good idea pct.
    two weeks of m1t will put you total test at about 13.

  8. So if you are on your 4th week of PCT.. how is it going? You listed a crap load of stuff. How are your gains and retention of?

  9. First off the cycle was split, it was a cutter for the first 8 wich sorta stretched to 12 because i continued to get leaner. Then the last 4 weeks was more of a lean bulker.

    I started the cycle at 183, 168lb lbm, 15lb of fat mass.

    finished the cycle at- 200, 188lb lbm, 12lb of fat. allot of the lbm was water since the last 2 weeks were on m1t and carb cycling for mass, so it was right off a carb load.

    But currently yesterday (mid 4th week)
    I cloked in at 182.4lb, 171.1lbm, 11.3 fat mass.
    7 days agao i was 184.2

    So im currently holding a 3lb muscle gain, and about a 4lb fat loss.
  10. Ability:

    Cordyceps is a mushroom extract that has many PCT and general health benefits. One more thing, don't buy ANY Vitamin Shoppe brand herbs like fenugreek or cordyceps, they're dirt cheap and it's tempting but they're garbage

    It sounds like your PCT is going better than any of mine ever went. Hate to use such a cliche but if it ain't broke don't fix it. I can't PM you for some reason, so if you get a chance shoot me a PM over on the Avant forums or try emailing me through this one.

  11. Thanx viater. would cordyceps be benificial later in the pct? 6-10 week?

    ill get u at advant, i dont have pm here.


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