Emax/SD PCT Options?

  1. Emax/SD PCT Options?

    I'm currently on my 4th week of a 6 week cycle of Emax (3weeks 20mg) and SD (3 weeks 20-30mg). I would like to get some ideas for PCT. I do have Nolva on hand, but I had considered just doing Rebound XT w/LXR for PCT. What do you guys think? So far I've done 2 other cycles (SD solo @ 4weeks) and my PCT has always just been Nolva (and other ancilliaries of course). Really any suggestions would be ideal. I've read good things about Ultra Hotter, Nolvadex, Rebound etc, I just haven't used them first hand. So far I feel great and am up from 240lbs to 257lbs with good increases in strength as well.

  2. Rebound XT and Lean Xtreme seem to be a popular combo...in comparison you coulod go with ALRI also using Ultra HOTter and Retain.

    I would keep that nolva on hand though just in case things dont turn out as expected...better safe than sorry IMO.


  3. make sure you have all your herbals too.

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