Need help with this problem !

  1. Need help with this problem !

    I ran a 4 week cycle of E...Max and Prostanazol and Test 200. I got off due to irrability and ran the following PCT for 4 weeks

    Clomid 150/100/50/50
    Nolvadex 60/40/20/20
    Fenugreek 2g/2.5g/3g/3.5g
    DHEA 50/50 - 2 Weeks only

    Well after all that I thought I was fine. Well now I am on the following.

    1.Ectotropin - 1 month cycle
    2.Vitex - Trib,long jack, etc...
    3.Andractim - for small case of gyno...
    4.Liquid Cialis - all this sh*t does is stop my nose up and induce headaches..

    Here is the problem. I have zero sex drive, but I wake up every morning with wood. WTF? ..... I am dead serious zero sex drive. I am not sure but test levels feel fine but the drive and desire is lacking, and If someone can't help me my wife will find out when I go to the doc and I will be S**T out of luck....

    What should I do? Last time I had this problem, I took a large dose of HCG to shock my system then started Clomid and Nolvadex again?

    I am lost guys and need some guidance....

  2. the pendulum takes time to swing back......just be patient, and continue doing what your should have severely screwed up your testes by taking high doses of HCG in the past...that is known to completely shut down production of test/ dont do that again dude

  3. If you are getting morning wood why take Cialis?

  4. Sadly, im having the same problem...

    Im off a 4 week long of PCT and i still dont have it back 100%...

    I need some recomendations on things to take to help cure this bull****... Im getting pretty frusterated...

  5. double up dosages on ZMA. also could try, ultra hotter, activate and a few other things.

  6. DHEA helped me the most, I would run it for like 2 weeks @ 50-100mg ED.


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