Seeing a urologist - advice needed

  1. Seeing a urologist - advice needed

    I cut my mk 2866 25mlED only cycle at 4 weeks, it killed my libido, most likely due to already having low test (results below from a week 1 blood test).

    Energy levels have sucked for a long time and didn't realize my test levels until I did blood work one week into my cycle.

    I'm on week 2 of clomid, 50/25/25/25.

    I've decided to see a urologist about my low test, do you recommend I continue pct, or stop now?

    I have an appointment next week.


    Age: 34
    Height: 5"6
    Weight: 161
    BF: 14.5%
    Years of training: 10+ years
    Cycle History: None
    Goals: increase lbm
    Supplements: multi, pycnogenol, fish oil, protein, pre workout, resveratrol, c, d.
    General idea of nutrition: 140P, 250C, 75F

    Bloods (one week into 25mlED MK 2866)

    Prolactin: 5.7
    Testosterone, Serum: 214
    LH: 3.6
    FSH: 2.4
    Estradiol: 16.3

  2. You won't get reliable blood test results when on SERM and I wouldn't cut PCT.
    I'd say finish PCT, wait some weeks and then do bloods to see where you are.

    What else are you using on PCT?

  3. Nothing besides vitamin c and resveratrol to help with cortisol.

  4. I wouldn't go see anyone until you are done with PCT and have done some post PCT blood work.

    I would also add in Reduce XT (cortisol control) during week 3-6 of PCT.
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  5. And a PCT test booster. It helps too. K1ngs Blood should be the best.

  6. Why are you panicking week two of pct? Run an 8 week pct, wait a good 4 weeks and retake your blood work. You have a good 10+ weeks before you should even be having a thought in mind.
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