First Pct cycle

  1. Good morning all, I wanted to share a pct I was given and it seemed a little extreme for what I was starting off with. This will be my first cycle and I am just doing your typical 500mg test E a week for 12 weeks.
    The pct I was given by week

    13 + 14- nova 40mg/day clomid 50 mg 2/day hcg 2500 iu eod

    15 + 16 - nova 40mg/day. Clomid 50mg 2/day hcg 2500 iu eod

    17 + 18 - nova 20mg/day

    Now I know most would say take either nova it clomid they do the same but there has to be some reason it was written like this. Constructive Criticism pls After this cycle I plan to take 3 months off and follow it with a 500 test e / 400 deca cycle.

  2. I alway run Nolva/clomid combo or i use torem.

    Nolva dose seems high

    Look at:

    Clomid 50/50/25/25
    Nolva 20/20/20/10/10/10

    (or 20mg all the way)

  3. Where can you find nolva and clomid? Im about to start a cycle of ph's was windering what site you guys go thru

  4. Don't believe anyone will give that info on here

  5. I would do one or the other especially as you are starting out. reason for this is so you know how your body will respond to either of the products you listed. Plus, some people like clomid over nolva and the other way around. It is all in your own reactions.

    second, no one is goign to tell you where to pick up these things. Google is a wonderful tool.

    Third, I would look into some OTC T-Booster like Intimidate. Will help bring you back to normal quicker. Though it is no necessary, just a friendly suggestion.
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  6. Thanks for the input, a guy helped me out with a place to go to,
    Thanks for the help

  7. Do u only take the dosage once a day? Like when it says 40/40/20/20?

  8. Make ur own thread why did you hijack mine. I was asking legit question

  9. once a day dosage is fine.


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