1. RC's

    Just a quick question, I know no sourcing but I'm not sure if asking about prices is allowed. So for sake of me enjoying this site and your guy's help/advice let's say company A has clomid for 25$. Let's say the reviews seem to be fair and that you have a buddy that uses company A. But you believe any clomid in the past you have gotten to be much more expensive... Do you trust company A? Have you ever seen clomid that cheap?

  2. I've only seen it that cheap at one company and I don't trust them honestly. At that price I would bet they are way underdosed.

    I don't use RC anymore because by the time I realize it's underdosed it's too late I only use pharm grade pills

  3. Hmmm okay well thank you. I suppose I'll have to blow some money on some pharm grade then. Really would like to believe its legit but I don't want to risk it

  4. It very well could be legit but I you take a chance. Fyi-pharm grade can be had for cheaper then RC. I just ordered enough pharm grade Nolva and Clomid for my next 4 cycles and paid less then $100.

    Fyi- pharm grade could also be bunk

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