1. PCT

    I'm 30yrs old, 6ft tall, 230, been lifting on and off since 18.

    I ran a cycle of finaflex 1 andro for 30 days at 4 caps a day followed by finaflex 1 alpha at 4 caps for 1 week for a 5 week total cycle. This was my first PH cycle, worked well, bulked up, strength increases were pretty well noticed..

    Pct was Revolution black and pure test, ran 3 caps of revolution black for 1 week with 6 caps of pure test but it gave me the morning dumps. Dropped the pct black to 2 caps at night and 6 caps of pure test for an additional 5 weeks.. So I ran my pct for 6 weeks total.

    Before this cycle my erections were crazy, the slightest sign of sex would have me ready and able to perform with no issues.

    Now, my sex drive is slightly lower but still there.. Problem is my erections aren't as full and hard as before and take a little more effort to hold them up.

    My whole PCT I did not lift at all, picked up a 2nd job for extra cash. 70hours a week doesn't leave me any energy for the gym now.

    Question, I'm guessing my test levels are low. Even off a mild ph cycle like this I'm wondering if the lack of exercise kept my natural levels from raising again or if this pct cycle was just bunk.

    Gunna run another cycle soon, but wanna get a little input on restoring my levels before I do and how to avoid this again..

    Any input

  2. Your PCT is bunk, get a SERM (or two)

    everything you possibly need to know is in here
    Common Cures and treatments for Gyno

  3. Much Appreciated..

  4. That was a great thread, thanks.

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